She Wore Red Trainers by Naima B Robert

For the lack of a better word, I’d describe this as “halal chick lit” (yes I totally made that term up). But that’s what I personally think it is and I absolutely adore it. It’s more than just about a journey before a ‘halal relationship’ is formed, it revolves around both protagonists’ – Amirah and Ali – families and their trials and tribulations that make them who they are and which leads them to each other’s paths. I cannot even begin on how relatable this book is for me. Growing up a Muslim, interaction with the other gender, dealing with a loss in the family, all of it. And I love how Islamic values are being surfaced at every point. Like concepts of modesty and struggling in the path of Allah, things you typically wouldn’t find in the genre’s counterparts. We need more of these novels methinks. Just as I was about to swear off reading anything remotely associated chick lit (they are so high school!), it finds itself in my hands in a form that God would approve x) I’d recommend this if you’re in the mood for some light and humorous read that’s not all fluff but with substance too. Girls, read this. Boys, you too.




Title: She Wore Red Trainers
Author: Naima B. Robert
Publisher: Kube Publishing
Year of Publication: 2004

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