||\ The Book Jacket

[ðə bʊk ˈʤækɪt]
Noun. A double entendre referring to:

  1. A curious INFJ species who loves reading books, wearing jackets & hugging cats. Typically found in bookshops, supermarket aisles or under a duvet.
  2. A book cover. Just as books should not be judged by its jacket, a person should not be judged by first impressions. Go on, open a book. Read the story.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset||\ Humairah, 28, Singapore

The Book Jacket began as a space to share a personal brew of book reviews. Gradually she weaves a personal tapestry of thoughts on faith & other things. She endeavours a balance between reading literature for enjoyment & books on the deen for spiritual growth. Penning down her experiences & reflecting on His word is a pursuit she strives towards. Her love for languages continues after reading Linguistics & Multilingual Studies in university; she is currently educating young minds the quirks and quandaries of the English language, whilst planning her next escape to see the world…

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