Hello, Grief, My Old Friend

How are you doing? I hope you have been okay. My heart has been feeling too many things at once. My mind has been working on overdrive. Sometimes these two conflate and then I start to neglect my body. I forget how to breathe. Recent events had brought you here, I know. The Christchurch shooting. … Continue reading Hello, Grief, My Old Friend


Strengthening The Connection with God

Just a week ago, I was invited to share some ways on how to strengthen our connection with Allah SWT. I was humbled and honoured to be given this platform to share what little I know. To be honest, when I first agreed I’d thought it was going to be a very small-scale sharing where … Continue reading Strengthening The Connection with God

Self-Care Lesson #01: Eat, Drink, & Be Content

Recently, I have been listening to Abdel Rahman Murphy's Heartwork halaqah based on Surah Maryam on Qalam Podcast. I love how he makes the weekly discussions light-hearted and so relevant to our context today. I was struck by the reflection of ayat 23-26 in the Qur'an. In ayah 23 in Surah Maryam, she (as) in an utterly human … Continue reading Self-Care Lesson #01: Eat, Drink, & Be Content