The Joy of Less by Francine Jay


I discarded 5 huge plastic bags full of things I no longer need after reading this. Went from “Do I need this?” to “Oh but it has such sentimental value” to “Let’s be real will I REALLY use this?” and finally letting go. This ricochet of questions in your head will be addressed in this book. Francine guides us through the ‘STREAMLINE’ method of decluttering your home, providing a step-by-step process towards attaining a minimalist lifestyle. Like any other motivational books, you gotta do the deed after you read, so it’s a chockful of timely reminders & that necessary push for you to get up and take action. Ultimately you’ll realize that less really is more, that we essentially have all we need, & that all we really NEED is to be more grateful with what we have. Oh and that feeling after an upheaval of obsolete stuff is so darn liberating. Uncluttered space, uncluttered mind.

“Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is far more conducive to a minimalist lifestyle. If we recognize the abundance in our life and appreciate what we have, we will not want for more. We simply need to focus on what we have, rather than what we don’t have. If we’re going to make comparisons, we have to look globally, as well as locally; we have to look down the ladder, as well as up. While we may feel deprived relative to the more affluent in our own country, we’re living like royalty compared to many others around the world.”



Title: The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Guide to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify
Author: Francine Jay
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Year of Publication: 2016

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