Fuelled by His Mercy

There is no other moment quite as interesting as being in mid-air, I think. There is that violent realisation that essentially, you are suspended in the sky. And the only reason you are still alive and flying, beyond any technical reasoning or engineering marvel, as a believer, you would know that it is by the mercy of God who is moving the plane you are on to reach your intended destination.

If you really think about it, what a wondrous, miraculous thing it is to actually defy gravity – something civilisations decades ago would not have been able to experience. So you utter subhanallah and be grateful for how he has always been meticulously taking care of your journey, every step of the way. Every cloud you passed through. Every mile you flew. Here’s there, holding you up. You are a part of His divine plan – this tiny creature that is you, thousands of feet above earth, possibly a millennium away from the heavens, you, a speck of dust in His fabric who somehow managed to find yourself in a minuscule spot in His vast, vast skies, realising that none of this would have been possible without a higher being moving you along. You listen to the ritualistic emergency landing announcement protocol, part flippantly, part on tenterhooks, then wonder how you were ever going to remember the steps to take to escape in the case that your plane really does fail halfway through. Surely people wouldn’t be as calm as the smiling stewardess demonstrating the correct way to evacuate.

So if the plane were to crash, and you were to fall, you understand that it’s all a part of His divine plan. Because you’re practically on your own, hanging on to nothing but His mercy, His care. Perhaps this is why there is no greater time I’d feel a heightened sense of tawakkul, this complete trust and reliance in Him, than when flying. It’s when you take a glimpse down on the carpet of His creations and think, “I don’t know how dying feels like, but it probably feels something like this. Like floating. At least if I fall, I know He’ll be there to catch me.”

You know whatever happens, within or beyond your control, happens due to His decree. It’s all a part of a grander scheme of things. And everything will be okay.

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