This Is All I Have to Say by Swapan Seth

This is an extremely quick read – I finished it over the course of my breakfast (which mainly consists of yoghurt with a side of bananas and blueberries and the occasional bread with peanut butter, so you know, this book really is a breeze to read). It’s useful to note that Swapan is an advertising executive so his book definitely scores high marks on design aesthetics. Some of the stuff he writes about are universal yet at the same time personal; a line or two will find its way to you. He touches on a variety of topics in life – on success, on love, on God, on failure, on friends, etc – and shares his thoughts on each one. It’s thin AND thought-provoking – the busiest of people have absolutely no excuse to not pick this up. Would recommend if you’d like a dose of personal wisdom and thoughts on the go.

& I suppose… this is all I have to say.



Title: This is All I Have to Say
Author: Swapan Seth
Year of Publication: 2011
Publisher: Roli Books

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