For Your Invitation

It was the season of a transition. I was doing my contract teaching for a couple of months while waiting for my acceptance letter into the teaching institution. I had no idea I was going to be doing my post-grad studies that December; I hadn't anticipated for my entrance to be that soon. So upon … Continue reading For Your Invitation

Better Broken

i like me better when i’m broken. i’d run to my prayer mat and pour my turbulent heart right open. beg for a miracle. beg you to listen. fix this for me. carry this for me. bring me out of this darkness and light up my path for me. tears fall easier. hands more steady … Continue reading Better Broken

Self-Care Lesson #01: Eat, Drink, & Be Content

Recently, I have been listening to Abdel Rahman Murphy's Heartwork halaqah based on Surah Maryam on Qalam Podcast. I love how he makes the weekly discussions light-hearted and so relevant to our context today. I was struck by the reflection of ayat 23-26 in the Qur'an. In ayah 23 in Surah Maryam, she (as) in an utterly human … Continue reading Self-Care Lesson #01: Eat, Drink, & Be Content