A Temporary Gift by Asmaa Hussein

I hold this book close to my heart.

Asmaa lost her husband in a protest in Egypt to a senseless army sniper. The traumatic incident pushed Asmaa to pour out her thoughts and reflections in navigating through her emotion of shock, loss, and all the feelings that come after. She writes about the love of her life Allah has blessed her with and how she found healing through the ultimate book of healing, the Qur’an. I share every single sentiment, involuntarily moved to tears at many parts because gosh, this is exactly how I feel, going through the loss of my mother. A Temporary Gift is a necessary read to help those who are going through the same situation navigate life after the loss of a loved one and to remind us all that ultimately, everything on earth is temporary except Allah SWT – the only one who will never leave us, the one who will be there for us no matter what. Inspiring, and a very much-needed read.




Title:  A Temporary Gift: Reflections on Love, Loss, and Healing 
Author: Asmaa Hussein
Publisher: Ruqaya’s Bookshelf
Year of Publication: 2015

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