The Qur’an (new translation) by M.A.S. Abdel Haleem


Bought this 2 years ago and only now do I realize I’ve been reading it kinda wrong (?) I used to treat it like a typical storybook so I read it like how I would any other fiction novel, from beginning to end. But I notice I wasn’t as absorbed as I am now that I’ve found a better way of reading this translation. Basically, I’d read this alongside the surahs I’m currently reading in the Qur’an. So instead of going from front to back, I’d read it at random depending on the surah I’m reading. I get a clearer picture of what the surah is all about, besides making it easier for me to memorize it because of the background story which I’ve familiarized myself with. But to each his own; I just feel more connected this way (and it helps when the Arabic is recited alongside). I recommend this book because other than its aesthetically pleasing cover (always important!), clean and digestible content, the essence is still preserved and there is a short history snippet of the surah before each translation to aid in understanding why the surah is being revealed and at what point in time. I’ve read some other translations but nothing quite as accessible as this one (Nouman Ali Khan recommended this in one of his lectures so that’s telling!). Anyone is invited to read the Qur’an – muslim or non-muslim, young or old, healthy or sick. It’s probably the only book which has all of humanity as its target audience.




Title: The Qur’an
Author: M. A. S. Abdel Haleem
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year of Publication: 2008

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