Empowered Women

I am empowered
in knowing that I carry the legacy
of strong, muslim women
before me

Khadija taught me to hustle,
she’s the real queen bee,
she defied societal norms
and asked for a man’s hand,
now not just any man
but our prophet; the best example
to ever walk this land
she was the backbone in his life
she was his most beloved wife
she propagated Islam
with loyalty
she’s the mother
of all believers,
centuries later,
empowers women
like you
and me

Nusayba taught me
that little girls
can be warriors
and we can carry swords
and shields
to fight battles in our fields
now I don’t mean it has to be physical
I mean this spiritually
but her brawn and brain
should be what we ought to aim
She stepped into the warzones
against the Meccans
and got wounded,
see, she protected our beloved Prophet
from enemies
centuries later,
empowers women
like you
and me

Aisha taught me
that we
can lead an army
if we want to
She was a teacher,
a politician
She played a huge role
in the hadith narrations
she was affectionately called
by the name of Humairah
but I can only pray to become
a fraction
of how great a figure
she’s portrayed to be
centuries later,
empowers women
like you
and me

Maryam taught me devotion
and complete submission
in God
Hasbunallah wanikmal wakeel
Allah alone is sufficient for me
She proved
that the strength of a woman
lies in her emotions
and her physical ability
to carry life in her bellies
She is a living example
of His miracle
when she gave birth to Isa,
relying only on Allah Azzawajal,
centuries later,
empowers women
like you
and me

Fatimah taught me
to be kind and to be strong
in the face of adversities
She taught me to be deeply
committed to my family
She was an amazing daughter and wife
she helped the unfortunate
and remained contented
with all that she had
and all that she was
centuries later,
empowers women
like you
and me

Asiya taught me
not to be blinded
by wealth and beauty
and power on earth
Even when she got married
to the most evil,
richest man on dunya,
she knows that all of that
meant nothing
when we
don’t have Allah
centuries later,
empowers women
like you
and me

See I don’t have to look any further
to look up to women who inspire,
I don’t have to waste my breath
in convincing people that
women are strong
when all along
He has elevated our ranks
since the beginning of time
It’s all been written in the Qur’an
what more do we want?

So who are we
to not believe
that we can do the same
for generations in the future?
When these Gems of Jannah,
these mothers, these workers,
these warriors, these fighters,
these wives, these daughters,
through their life stories,
through their character and beauty,
look at how they inspire,
look at how they empower,
look at how
they built nations
beyond our wonder

These are the beautiful,
empowered women,
that we
should strive to be.


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