On Love for Language

I embrace my culture, my Malayness, my tongue, as much as I embrace my love for the English language. I think I speak considerably good English and love reading books not because my parents are well to do and we come from an upper middle class background (because we don’t). My dad aint a sailor, … Continue reading On Love for Language

A Poem for our Children

i see you. shuffling feet. eager eyes. curious mind. creases on your forehead. growing hands not yet calloused by a careless world. a heart still beating with the purest of love. backs bent by the weight of knowledge, laughter echoing simpler wants & needs, a reckless optimism - something the world hasn’t yet stolen. keep … Continue reading A Poem for our Children

Wistful Wisefool

These days, the intellectuals are silenced while the fools speak. Opinions of the ignorant are taken into consideration while the knowledgeable, the learned, the wise are seen as meddlers who stir trouble and mull over "trivial" matters. They speak in whispers while the destructors of truth get up on their soapboxes to preach falsehood. Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said, “In the End Times, … Continue reading Wistful Wisefool

The One About Love, Relationships & All That Jazz

I try to not talk about this topic, mainly because I do not want to partake in the already prevalent discussions online & offline on this thing called love (and partly because my opinion may be an unpopular one). But I guess it's inevitable, no matter how meticulously I've tried to skirt around it. So here's my two cents... … Continue reading The One About Love, Relationships & All That Jazz

The Bookshop Trail

The Bookshop Trail in Singapore (click to watch) Every bookstore carries the often little-known literary aspirations of the owners. Scattered across the island state, these bookstores help to build Singapore's cultural foundation while leaving footprints from their historical interactions. These footprints form a portrait of the crossing of the paths of the literati, the bookstores and … Continue reading The Bookshop Trail