Consciousness in Cosmetics

When it comes to beauty products, I'll admit to using makeup on the daily to make myself look and feel confident, but I'm not crazy about it (ie. owning fifty shades of lipsticks and palettes of eyeshadow in all colours). I know absolutely nothing about skin care regimes and the works. All I have is a … Continue reading Consciousness in Cosmetics

My Mom Told Me to Never Take My Crown Away

A friend once asked me, "So Humairah, what's your hijab story?" Almost every Muslim woman I know who dons the hijab would have their personal 'hijab story', which is basically a turning point in their lives which made them decide to don the headscarf for the first time, an obligation we Muslim women need to fulfill in obeying God. So I told her … Continue reading My Mom Told Me to Never Take My Crown Away