Yes, Not Even Water

It seems like Ramadhan is often misunderstood or simply arrives unnoticed by many. The fact that Ramadhan is conveniently associated with "the month of no eating and hipster food at bazaars" to most of my non-Muslim friends (and unfortunately even some of us Muslims to), alerts me to the paucity of awareness on the blessed month all Muslims around … Continue reading Yes, Not Even Water

The Month of Qur’an

"Don't think of it as the month of fasting, think of it as the month of Qur'an." And so my perspective changed tremendously thenceforth after watching NAK's lecture on Ramadhan a year ago. This year, I am embarking on a self-imposed 30-day reading challenge, a de-tech and detach from social media challenge, & some personal goals that … Continue reading The Month of Qur’an

My Mom Told Me to Never Take My Crown Away

A friend once asked me, "So Humairah, what's your hijab story?" Almost every Muslim woman I know who dons the hijab would have their personal 'hijab story', which is basically a turning point in their lives which made them decide to don the headscarf for the first time, an obligation we Muslim women need to fulfill in obeying God. So I told her … Continue reading My Mom Told Me to Never Take My Crown Away

High Performance Ramadhan by Productive Muslim

It's that time of the year again - the month of forgiveness and mercy, where the gates of heaven are wide open and the gates of hell are locked shut, where the Qur'an was sent down for all humanity, fasting was prescribed, where rewards for every act of ibadaah is multiplied, suhoor, iftar gatherings, taraweeh, early nights... … Continue reading High Performance Ramadhan by Productive Muslim

Burdened with The Ability to Battle

I sat across her and smiled. Tired eyes hiding a thousand stories. Stormy seas passively contained within. We carry these heavy things. But somewhere along the way we learn to keep them from flooding. Gradually, we peeled our masks and smoothed the creases of our worries, much like laying out rolled up clothes from our luggage. We laid them … Continue reading Burdened with The Ability to Battle