The Beautiful Visitor

The news of your arrival excites the whole world and lights up her face; the only time of the year a certain kind of comfort is shared and embraced. The Qur'an was sent down in you to quell parched throats and dying hearts with water and to light the brightest lamp in our darkest nights. You give hope to the hopeless to start over, … Continue reading The Beautiful Visitor

Quiet Mornings

On the 30th of January 2016, exactly one year ago, Quiet Mornings saw the world. My friend, Cherilyn, and I, launched our debut self-published poetry book. Both of us have been working on this project together quietly for the past year and a half. The entire process took more than that, but it was worth the wait. … Continue reading Quiet Mornings

Me Migrant by Md Mukul Hossine

Me migrant Live overseas Thousand thousand miles away Me migrant Beyond borders Mislaying smiles Dawn to dusk then dawn again Found this gem nestled amidst rows of books by familiar local writers at the Singapore Literature Book Fair held at Booktique just a couple of weeks ago. Me Migrant is a book of poems that center around the theme of loneliness, longing, and … Continue reading Me Migrant by Md Mukul Hossine