The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz

Another book on Paris and you would think “Ah, another book waxing lyrical on this overrated city”. Not entirely in Lebovitz’ recount on his food adventures in France though. He offers an offbeat and hilarious insight (interspersed with recipes!) from the questionable mannerisms of the Parisians to its delicious delicately-made confectionaries, allowing readers an honest look into the city he has learnt to fall in love with, flaws and all. I’ve personally tried one of his recipes – it’s simple to make but I think it was a failure on my part when the cake turned out a little harder than it should. Never mind. I still believe that I am meant to be a pâtissière in a parallel universe. Would recommend this fun read to anyone who’s a foodie, or a Francophile, or both.



Title: Sweet Life in Paris
Author: David Lebovitz
Publisher: Broadway Books
Year of Publication: 2011

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