The Lonely Tree

This morning, as I was on my way to the bus stop, a lone tree, propped against the blue backdrop of a sky, stood out to me. Not only because it was the only surviving tree in a field of trees that got massacred to make way for homes (this I’ve noticed since the past year or so), but also because there was a kite stuck in its branches. A metre away, a boy and his dad were tirelessly hurtling a stray branch at the direction of the kite but alas, attempts were in vain. This fascinating sight inspired me to poemize what I witnessed. Although I do like to think that they eventually did manage to get their kite off the poor tree. At least in my mind it did. I wouldn’t know for sure, I was already on the bus. All that can be certain is this: the tree is a lonely tree.

All day and night

I stand alone,

no one in sight

One windy noon,

a boy and dad

flew their red kite

I watched it swoop

soar high and glide,

the boy’s smile bright

Until the kite’s

stuck in my limbs;

what a messy sight!

They threw a branch

but then they missed,

ever so slight

Each time they aimed

straight right at me,

my eyes squeezed tight

Fear of being hurt

with every throw,

try as they might

The final shot

was a success – 

we’re rid of plight!

But then they left.

Alone again,

& I don’t feel right.

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