The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

One word: magical. The Night Circus is an enchanting story about circuses, competitions, and a forbidden love taking the center stage. Even if you’re not that big on circus or magic, you’ll have to admit – Morgenstern has the ability to make you feel in awe of it all.

What’s The Story?

The Night Circus is as its name suggests – a circus that opens only at night. Everyone knows it as Le Cirque des Reves and no one knows how, when, or why, it is there. It magically appears out of nowhere, but it holds a mysterious allure no one can ever resist entering it. The circus attracts a pool of frequent circus-goers all around the world, called the Reveres. It has an astounding, almost hypnotizing atmosphere, and boasts several black and white tents staging unique performances each night.

Celia and Marcus are young magicians brought up by fathers, who are great magicians themselves, both arch-enemies to each other. Since young, Celia and Marcus both undergo trainings to hone their magic. Little do they know that they are actually being set up for a fierce duel in the future, and the night circus plays a vital role in this fight that tests their willpower and imagination through magic. It then became clear to them that the night circus is merely a stage for their fierce competition which came at a serious cost – only the winner gets to live.


What makes the bulk of the story is that, despite both Celia and Marcus eventually knowing about this battle they were forced to face, they helplessly fell in a deep, heady love. It makes you wonder – will duty trump love in this world of magic? Or will love conquer it all?

Initially, I had the idea that their duel was going to be rather action-packed and fast-paced; a physical fight, one you’d expect from typical, well, wand fights (like those between Voldemort and Harry Potter, you know?). But the duel that happened between Celia and Marcus was a more psychological and emotional one – which, I thought, was pretty interesting. Steer clear of having the expectation that this story will blow you away with the intense, bloody duel – it’s more a story of love, wonderment and magic, than anything else.

To Read or Not To Read?

On the whole though, Morgenstern successfully enchants us with this tried and tested brew of romance and magic, in the most believable setting. The plot moves along at a very delicate manner, and every vivid detail of the circus captured perfectly. If you’re a fan of beautiful, captivating prose, then The Night Circus is the book for you. You’d wish to be whisked away in the train to see Le Cirque des Reves with your own eyes too.

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