This Life is Temporary

I’ve been thinking about what Muhammad Ali said during one of his interviews. A boy asked him what he’d do after he retires from boxing. He did a breakdown of the years – most of the hours we have we’d spend it on sleeping, schooling, commuting, so whatever time we have left, that’s the amount of years we get to really live. Makes us realize just how short that is.

I have always thought of it this way: Most of us are already in our twenties, so if we were to live another lifetime, basically multiplying by two, you’d already be about half a century old. If we can still remember our childhood like it was just yesterday, then surely when we reach that stage, we’d think that our youth was just a few years ago. Anyway, who’s to guarantee that we’d still be alive by then? Like he said, some of us are gonna die in 20 years time, some in 30 years, 5, 10, 50, all these numbers, who knows? Only He does. We musn’t withold our obligations as a Muslim til we’re older because nobody guarantees us old age. So many of those who have left us are young people. Death knows no age & escapes no one. Think about it, is it worth disobeying Him for this brief period of time in exchange for eternal pain? Or live this life obeying Him and be rewarded with eternal bliss?

This life is temporary. How scary yet comforting is this word? That means all the happiness in this world won’t last, but so does all the sorrow and calamity you see in every corner of this earth. Everything in this life will perish including ourselves… except God. So it only makes sense when Muhammad Ali answered the boy’s question in a nutshell, “[I’m gonna] get ready to meet God.

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