Certainty Anchors

In his book ‘Uncertainty’, Jonathon Fields mentioned that every one of us, whether we realize it or not, are in need of certainty anchors to get us through our daily lives. ‘Certainty anchors’ are several routinized pockets of time throughout the day to recalibrate and regain our focus and energy. He also noted that some form of meditation daily is necessary as it anchors us down and helps to exercise our creativity, rejuvenating our state of mind..

Is it any wonder then that we are commanded to hold on to our ‘certainty anchors’, our ‘meditation’, every single day, 5 times a day? That it is the first deed to be questioned when we are no longer given the chance to do so places such a heavy importance on this routine. Who better understands our physiological, mental & spiritual state than our creator? We are creatures of habit built with an innate desire for certainty. This brings about the need to plan our life around prayers, to ease into conversations with God.

That unspeakable calm that can only come with praying, enveloping and fueling us for the rest of the day, is proof of its immense and often unseen benefit. We might not think we need it (how arrogant are we to think so?) but that restlessness, sadness, emptiness that settles ever so discreetly in our hearts which we then subconsciously make the effort to ignore by distracting ourselves with entertainment or other sources of comfort essentially are signposts leading us to discover the wisdom behind the ultimate solution – this prescribed daily routine of certainty we let slip.

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