How Alike Are We to Earth?

How alike are we to earth? We need nurturing. We need time to grow. We plant within us intentions and goals. We reap what we sow. Too much heat dries us up, yet too much water will stunt our growth. We don’t grow flowers overnight; it takes years. Of patience, strength, perseverance. Until one day, we will see the seed we once planted finally coming to fruition. Every drop of sweat and sacrifice would be worth it. The taller we see ourselves standing, the lower we must bow – humility our clothing. We are rooted. Grounded.

How alike is our nature to earth?

There is no difference. We are home to soil. Eventually, when our souls leave, our bodies will return. Be part of earth again. So I wonder, what’s the use being egotistical and proud? Hasn’t He fashioned us all from the same clay? Isn’t arrogance the trait of the ones made form fire? Shouldn’t soil extinguish flames? Like soil, we bring benefit. We emanate softness, patience, growth. Sometimes all we need is a daily reflection. That we are but from the same earth.

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