To Know Death is to Know Life

I think about death all the time. Some people say it’s pessimistic of me to think that. In fact, I think it’s the opposite. I think people who think about dying are the most optimistic people on earth. I think, it’s only when you think of death and what comes next will you then know how to live. How I want my afterlife to be, affects the way i make decisions in this life. When I wake up, I thank God for gifting me time to do good before He takes me back. If I don’t think about death, I’d live this life recklessly, sin continuously, do what “pleases my heart” and not what pleases Him. Do you understand me? Come to think of it, thinking about death is not a good or bad thing; it’s a necessary thing. People are not insane or morbid for thinking about death every day. I think it’s just wise and human to do so.

A man asked the Messenger: “Who is the most wise of people O Messenger of Allah?” He replied: “The one who remembers death most often and the one who is well-prepared to meet it; these are the wise; honorable in this life and dignified in the Hereafter.” [Ibn Majah, Tabarani]


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