Throwback to When We Were Aspiring Journalists

Have you ever looked back at your past writings and felt a surge of embarrassment as though you’re revisiting your old, nerdy self who was so uncool you can’t help but cringe at the mere sight of it?

I have. And I just did. While googling, I stumbled upon an old blog which was set up as part of an assignment my group mates and I had to do for our Journalism module, back when I was a media student. It was one of the funner modules we had where we were tasked to attend events like the Night Festival, interview people, and write articles.

Introducing: Pulp News Labyrinth, Juicy News Served Fresh From The Oven. (Really? Pulp news labyrinth – just what is this intricate confusion? Providing you juicy news fresh from the oven? I bet we’ve disappointed some people when they found out we don’t actually dish out articles about the latest, juiciest celebrity fashion and gossip.)

My overachieving friend even had us do up photo bylines, just cause we’re the real deal.

I’d like to think that over the years, we’ve all grown and honed our writing skills a tad better, at least!

Here’s the link, if you’d like.

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