Lullabies by Lang Leav

The last time she visited Singapore for her book signing / meet & greet event at Kinokuniya, I had the privilege to interview her. If you haven’t already, just click on the following link to read all about it!

Lang Leav, an artist, designer, and poet extraordinaire, is also one of the most successful contemporary writers to take the current literary world by storm. The first time I read Lang’s poems was on Tumblr. Lately, I’ve noticed a surge of writers making it on social media and garnering a huge fan base online (check out Tyler Knott Gregson too!).

I remember asking her about a possible sequel to her best-selling debut Love & Misadventure, an upcoming book which she was working on at that point of time. And voila, great news for the fans – there isn’t any need to wait more than a year for Lullabies to be sung..

What’s The Story?

Like Love & Misadventure, which mostly contains poems of heartbreak and passion, of love & loss, Lullabies is an extension of more of such poetry which whispers of melancholy,


beautifully heartbreaking ones,

hope & strength,

and, of course, good ol’ fashioned love (Her Words in particular, is my favourite! #writerfeels)

If you notice, there’s relatively more prose weaved in her 2nd book. Perhaps it’s a peek / spill from her writing process for her upcoming novel (which she mentioned in the interview that she was working on as a side project)? Oh exciting times!

Some Thoughts

I think Leav’s recipe for success in her writing lies in her choice of simple, stripped-down words that possess the ability to resonate well with all ages. & because love is such a universal topic that every human being can relate, you have to admit that Lang’s definitely putting her talent to good use by rivaling Cupid and making us all fall in love, with love.

Read or Not?

{4/5 books}

Even if you’re not ‘the poem kind’, you’re bound to find something in her minimalist style of poetry and romantic words of wonder – something you’ll want to keep, and dream about in your sleep.

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