Post-Hiatus Post

Thousands of apologies for the sudden hiatus from blogging; had had little time to settle down after the exams, been busy preparing for summer school, one event led to another and it all still feels a little unreal now that I find myself sitting in my room, when just a month ago, I was living my #50daysofeuropesummer adventure. Speaking of which…

“Myra aren’t you going to blog about your Europe trip?”

“Myra, could you give some tips for those traveling to Europe soon?”

“Share your stories with us, I’m sure you have lots to tell!”

Trust me guys, I do. But several things have been hindering my productivity:

1) Jetlag

2) World cup matches at ungodly hours

2) Sloth-like tendencies (see reason number 1. my laziness is astonishing. life has been reduced to a dreamless sleep. I snooze through 3/4 of the day and as a result, the body aches, the brain doesn’t function well and I just can’t be arsed to do anything at all – anything but sleep)

3) Mild withdrawal symptoms – including waking up for breakfast and wondering “where my baguettes at?”, walking into shops feeling invisible because no one acknowledges my existence, bringing jackets everywhere I go thinking I might need it when the winds grow cold even though it’s sweaty weather in this motherland.

4) Severe withdrawal symptoms – including a fabulous combination of high fever & dry cough. The cough, especially, has been a damned nuisance. “It’s understandable, you just came back and the weather change must have affected you… or are you just missing Europe that much?” winked my doctor. Sigh. You have no idea, doc. You have no idea.

So there you have it – reasons why all I’ve been posting on IG are a slew of sad poems and leftover photos of my travels. Also please forgive me, I will be replying all my overdue emails really soon! Can’t wait to work on the first of my Euro trip posts and share it with you guys, because only through writing it down do I then get to make sense out of it and wrap my head around all that had happened. As Alain de Botton said,

“There was only one way to possess beauty properly, and that was by understanding it, by making oneself conscious of the factors responsible for it. The most effective means of pursuing this conscious understanding was by attempting to describe beautiful places through art, by writing about or drawing them, irrespective of whether one happened to have any talent for doing so.”


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