Soul Food

These are strange times, these are extraordinary times. And these are times when we realise the sudden blessing of time given to us, which we so often complain about having so little of. I thought I’d share a selection of 30-days ‘soul food’ series online which I have been consuming this Ramadan (not necessarily everything, because there’s just too many) to maximise the time I’m given. I’ll usually pick and choose – I stick to my main three while the rest are supplementary.

  • Yaqeen Institute – Angels in Your Presence

This is my favourite Ramadan series every year. I always look forward to Imam Omar Suleiman’s sharings. The previous two Ramadan series have been published in a book – Prayers of the Pious, and Allah Loves. I benefited greatly from that. I’m not surprised if this is going to be documented in a book too. I love that they take a topic not oft-spoken – angels – and make it so compelling and easy for us to understand the significance of their presence in our lives.

Less than 10 minutes.
Catch on IG: @yaqeeninstitute.

  • Bayyinah Institute – Tafsir of Surah Yusuf

Those who know me would know that I have been following Nouman Ali Khan’s works because he dives deep into the linguistics of the Qur’an, which is my subject of interest, and makes it so relatable to the laymen. He’s a great Arabic teacher and an even better storyteller, with his animated and modern, millennial take on the message of the Qur’an that is often relatable to us. Till today I can’t find another teacher who makes the story of the Surah more interesting than he does. I literally get excited when the notification for the next episode comes up because I really cannot wait to know what happens next in the Surah. He goes live on FB every 10am (Singapore Time).

Approximately 30 minutes to an hour.
Catch on FB: Nouman Ali Khan.

  • Instagramadan by Abdel Rahman Murphy – Change of Heart

Firstly, clever pun. Secondly, I love this year’s topic where the focus is on repentance. Abdel Rahman Murphy in his brief sessions talks about the stories of our pious predecessors who had had a change of heart and the events and consequences that led them to that precious moment of turning back to Allah.

Less than 20 minutes.
Catch on IG: @abdelrahmanm

  • Fahd Al Kanderi – Ramadan Series on the Prophet

I first discovered his videos in my weekend class, when my Ustaz would share interviews by Shaykh Fahd Al Kanderi. It’s in Arabic but there are English subtitles (I think listening to it in Arabic kinda helps me practise my understanding of this language!) This Ramadan series brings in so many topics but the main focus is on emulating the life of our Prophet (PBUH). And can I just say the footages in the video are impressive – it makes me miss Mecca & Medina so much.

Approximately 20 minutes.
Catch on YouTube: Fahd Al-Kanderi

  • Alqudwah Academy – 30 Hadiths of the Prophet

These sharings are super bite-sized but packs a punch. Ustaz Taufiq unpacks a hadith on Ramadan a day throughout this month. I love that I can easily watch it for less than 2 minutes and learn a lot from it.

Approximately 2 minutes.
Catch on the Aqatv app (go download and sign up!)

  • Yasir Qadhi – The Message of the Quran in 30 Days

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi is taking up the challenge this year to try and uncover the beautiful message of the entire Quran in 30 days. He did mention that it was an ambitious project with the intention of reaching out to those who might not have even heard of what the Qur’an is about, serving as a springboard for readers to kickstart their Qur’an journey. I’m enjoying the series thus far. He obviously does not have the time to explain every single verse, but he highlights the main gist and some important verses in each juz.

Approximately 30 minutes.
Catch on YouTube: Yasir Qadhi

  • Mufti Menk – Comfort in Times of Crisis

I mean, who doesn’t like Mufti Menk? The series are relevant to our times, and there’s no other preacher who could deliver it in a more comforting and calm manner than he does.

Approximately 30 minutes.
Catch on Facebook: Mufti Menk

  • Abu Eesa – Quranic ART

I swear there’s no other status update I save and look forward to reading other than those by Abu Eesa’s Quranic ART (Alternative Random Tadabbur) every Ramadan. His signature self-deprecating humour and rambles whilst connecting it with the Qur’an verse is just a breath of fresh air and sometimes, the insights he gleaned from these verses blows me away in a way that makes me think, “Wow, I didn’t think of it like that“.

Catch on Facebook: Abu Eesa


I do know that there are plenty of amazing efforts in our local dakwah scene, and this is one of them. Simply put, it’s like a Netflix for local Islamic lectures. I love that it’s conveniently divided into different topics and you can literally pick and choose which lectures you want to listen to, just like how Netflix is with its genres. For those who are more comfortable with Malay as a language of delivery in religious content (there’s a mix of English too), here’s a one-stop place for you to opt for some food for your soul.

I hope this list helps in one way or another. We’re already past the halfway mark in Ramadan – may we get to meet the sacred night of Laylatul Qadar and may Allah accept our deeds.


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