The Light on the Horizon

The year ushered in new dreams and new life

Resolutions and goals have been made

But how quickly life changes in the blink of an eye

As reality rears its ugly head


All of a sudden, we awoke to a world

So different from our yesterdays

The arrival of an unwelcomed visitor

Means our lives for now have to change


As the virus spreads and worsens

And swiftly takes away innocent lives

Our hearts go out to the frontliners

Wearing capes to race against time


This is a test of unity of our country

To defeat this deadly plague together

From healthcare professionals, to teachers,

To delivery riders, and janitors


Through our care and little human fixes,

Amidst the darkness we’ll rise above

When this is all over, let’s never take for granted

Handshakes or hugs from the ones we love


You see, light isn’t necessarily found

Only at a tunnel’s end

Light can be found along the way

Or round the lonely bend


Amongst the rubble and the dust

Or far up in the skies

In the middle of the darkest night

Or in a young child’s eyes


Amidst more heartbreaking news

Between the pages of a book

We rise above to seek hope and light

By knowing where to look


So as we grow stronger and more resilient

Through this difficult challenge today

Don’t stop looking for the light on the horizon

For a world with better days

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