The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom


How did time exist on earth? Well, Man invented time. To be precise, Father Time did. But what was created by Man, haunted him in the end. A fear that only Man faces – a fear of time running out.

Dor was a curious young boy who grew up obsessed with numbers, measurements, and counting. The measurement for months, days, hours and minutes intrigued him, hence he came up with an idea to devise the world’s first clock, in order to measure God’s most precious gift to Man. Dor then became Father Time. Due to his persistence in controlling time, he was sent to exile in a cave, where he had to listen to cries of help by thousands of voices who pleaded him to give them more time. After centuries, Dor was eventually released and sent to earth, but with a mission he needed to complete: to learn a lesson through a meeting with two unlikely people. One, a businessman recently diagnosed with cancer who wishes to be immortalized and have more time on earth, the other, a high school teenager who wants to commit suicide after an embarrassing incident which scarred her for life thus losing all reason to live. Dor finds himself strangely entangled in their lives as he helps them through their serious predicaments whilst teaching them, and himself, to understand the true value of time.

It is hard to imagine a world without the convenience of time-keeping; clocks, wristwatches, calendars… But Albom gives us something to think about – the more we count time, the less we value its meaning. We are so obsessed with controlling the quantity of time – counting down to our next appointment, crossing the dates on our calendars to our next holiday – that we do not realize the quality of time at present that we are blessed with, to take a step back and fully appreciate its worth.

Mitch Albom has done it again with this novel. His ability to deliver an important message weaved seamlessly within a compelling fiction, highlighting human’s errs and strengths through his evocative narration, is what makes his works so beautiful and poignant. Thank you, Mitch Albom, for gifting us with your inspiring works like Tuesdays with Morrie, For One More Day, and now, The Time Keeper.


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