Yes, Not Even Water

It seems like Ramadhan is often misunderstood or simply arrives unnoticed by many. The fact that Ramadhan is conveniently associated with "the month of no eating and hipster food at bazaars" to most of my non-Muslim friends (and unfortunately even some of us Muslims to), alerts me to the paucity of awareness on the blessed month all Muslims around … Continue reading Yes, Not Even Water

Wistful Wisefool

These days, the intellectuals are silenced while the fools speak. Opinions of the ignorant are taken into consideration while the knowledgeable, the learned, the wise are seen as meddlers who stir trouble and mull over "trivial" matters. They speak in whispers while the destructors of truth get up on their soapboxes to preach falsehood. Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said, “In the End Times, … Continue reading Wistful Wisefool