This is How We Broke Up

I have been struggling to write about this for a long while now. Perhaps because for a long time I wasn’t ready to share my honest thoughts. Lately though, after bouts of contemplation as Ramadan rolls around, I figured I should share my rumination on this experience with hopes of reaching out to anyone facing … Continue reading This is How We Broke Up


Hello, Grief, My Old Friend

How are you doing? I hope you have been okay. My heart has been feeling too many things at once. My mind has been working on overdrive. Sometimes these two conflate and then I start to neglect my body. I forget how to breathe. Recent events had brought you here, I know. The Christchurch shooting. … Continue reading Hello, Grief, My Old Friend

Tracing My Roots: From Java to Singapura

The Migration Story of My Late Grandfather, Omar Bin Shariff The edges of the sepia-toned photograph are yellowed and torn. Yet, the muted image endures over the years, resilient through different hands and changing weather - reminiscent of the subject within its tired frame. The man's left arm half-rested on the bonnet; perhaps an afterthought seconds before the click of … Continue reading Tracing My Roots: From Java to Singapura