Running With My Father

16th May 1976. My father is standing atop a building that was under construction at St George’s Road. The view overlooks May North Primary School, which has now been replaced with a sewage treatment plant. His vintage Ray-bans covers half his face as he smiles widely, looking away from the camera and into the distance. … Continue reading Running With My Father

A Heart So Full

Is there a word for a heart that swells with both longing and bliss? I suppose then, my heart was just this. This feeling that cannot be strung into words. Just tears. And a heart so full. “And one of His signs is that He has created for you, spouses from amongst yourselves so that … Continue reading A Heart So Full

Tracing My Roots: From Java to Singapura

The Migration Story of My Late Grandfather, Omar Bin Shariff The edges of the sepia-toned photograph are yellowed and torn. Yet, the muted image endures over the years, resilient through different hands and changing weather - reminiscent of the subject within its tired frame. The man's left arm half-rested on the bonnet; perhaps an afterthought seconds before the click of … Continue reading Tracing My Roots: From Java to Singapura