A Poem for our Children

i see you. shuffling feet. eager eyes. curious mind. creases on your forehead. growing hands not yet calloused by a careless world. a heart still beating with the purest of love. backs bent by the weight of knowledge, laughter echoing simpler wants & needs, a reckless optimism - something the world hasn’t yet stolen. keep … Continue reading A Poem for our Children

The Default State of a Writer

The default state of a writer isn’t a cigarette-smoking, alcohol-swigging, typewriter-banging character. It isn’t sitting by the window, admiring the flowers in fall, overlooking the blues and greens while waiting for a ray of inspiration to descend. It isn’t an inexorable flow of the pen. It isn’t picturing Bukowski and his cats, Murakami and his … Continue reading The Default State of a Writer