The Unromantic Romantic

i’m not a romantic. there, i’ve said it. i’ve never dreamt of a perfect wedding, crystal laced dresses, 10-tiered cakes in a dreamlike setting. i never believed in ‘the end’s and happy ever afters; only unwritten sequels to every final chapter. never liked princesses who needed saving from some prince, i never liked the idea … Continue reading The Unromantic Romantic


INFJ, Actually

If you have no clue what INFJ is, it's a personality type (heard of the Myers-Briggs test?) According to their statistics, it is an uncommon type, although I'm not too sure how rare it is because I can list about 5 other INFJs I personally know off the top of my head (then again, maybe … Continue reading INFJ, Actually

The Symbol of the “Modern” Muslim Women

For a long while, I was struggling to understand the phenomenon of the turban hijab. I can somewhat understand its gain in popularity - fashion icons, celebrities, companies repackaging the 'traditional Muslim headgear' into something that's more 'modern', digestible and acceptable to the masses, but I cannot understand the prevalence of it in terms of it … Continue reading The Symbol of the “Modern” Muslim Women