What Ramadhan Taught Me

Ramadhan is the teacher who comes around annually to teach us an invaluable lesson and to change us for the better. This year, it taught me the importance of discipline. Of the underestimated strength of our human willpower. Of pushing the limits. Of mind over matter. See, I thought I needed my cup of coffee, … Continue reading What Ramadhan Taught Me


Language Maketh a Man

The oft-quoted idiom 'clothes maketh the man' should long be passé - I believe language is the dealbreaker now. Words are chief in the construction of one's character. It has everything to do with the kind of person you are. The words you speak reflect the state of your heart. So if you speak rotten … Continue reading Language Maketh a Man

The Symbol of the “Modern” Muslim Women

For a long while, I was struggling to understand the phenomenon of the turban hijab. I can somewhat understand its gain in popularity - fashion icons, celebrities, companies repackaging the 'traditional Muslim headgear' into something that's more 'modern', digestible and acceptable to the masses, but I cannot understand the prevalence of it in terms of it … Continue reading The Symbol of the “Modern” Muslim Women