Why Self-Publish?

I received a few questions with regards to self-publishing your own material. I’ll address this briefly here by sharing my personal opinions and hopefully will help you decide the best path for you to take in publishing.

Before deciding whether engaging in an external publisher or going the self-publishing route, first determine the why. Why publish? I think it’s essential to start with the right intention and ask your self these questions: Why do you want to publish a book? Who would it benefit? Then spend time honing on your craft. Get your friends to read your works in progress, seek advice from writers with experience in publishing their book. Connect with like-minded creatives and if it helps to augment the creativity and quality of your work, then you may begin by collaborating with a creative who has the same vision and direction as you. Last but not least, be honest with yourself. Write from the heart. Edit, edit, edit. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

I chose the self-publishing route because I wanted to work on it independently, to have more autonomy in the work I do, gain experience in handling the entire publishing process from start to finish, besides eliminating the amount of time needed in getting through to the relevant authorities, seeing that my friend and I had a deadline we wanted to work with. No doubt this route has its challenges; we had to do the editing, formatting, sourcing of printers, printing and the marketing too. But the end product is always satisfying.

I’ve also had people coming up to voice out their worries of not being good enough to publish.

“Who am I to publish?”

Ask yourself, “Who are you not to?”

More often than not, when we are older, we’d regret not taking the opportunity, gift of time, energy and passion to pursue this venture when you’re younger. And I hope that’s reason enough to drive you towards reaching your goals.


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