Teenage ‘Witticisms’

Just spent the past 2 hours rereading my thought processes 6 years ago, after stumbling upon a very old personal blog on the internets. Had a good laugh reading through them – I really wonder what was going on in my brain when I wrote those entries. So here I’ll share plenty of personal teenage wit & wisdom, or so I’d like to think. Brace yourselves.

“Trust me. People are the most incomprehensible, second weirdest creatures on the planet, first being the probosis monkeys.”

“I gave up dieting. Starving yourself just to look good and then having to die in the end in that awesome body and have it decomposing in the soil is just disappointing.”

“I was on the plane heading to Reykjavik, anticipating to witness the aurora borealis, meeting Sigur Ros, and learning Icelandic, when all of a sudden… my alarm went off.”

“I really can’t imagine life in poly without this bunch of classmates. Kinda glad we’re a weird mix. Sometimes they make me want to strangle them to death, other times, they make me want to hug them till they die. Either way, the desire to want them dead still exists.”

“I’d much rather watch stupid movies all day than orchestrate a PR campaign for Kellogg’s to persuade customers to eat Froot Loops instead of Koko Krunch.”

“I feel so accomplished – like winning a general election by a landslide, like reaching the summit of a mountain in Kathmandu, like waking up one morning realising you’re Rupert Murdoch.”

“Funny how beneathe all that cocky and egoistic exterior of a male, lies a complete softie with issues worse than a female’s.”

There are more but that’s enough weirdy thoughts for the day. Ah 18-year old self, you humour me.

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